Treatment package

Invest in your health and soul

Indications for treatment

One of the most important factors of stay in Karlovy Vary is the choice of a sanatorium, in which a treatment is thought out. Natural factors in combination with the diagnostic and treatment base provide effective treatment of diseases for various medical reasons.

All treatments, as well as the prescription of drinking cure and laboratory tests are carried out directly in the building of our sanatorium.

Diseases of the digestive system
Respiratory diseases
Diseases of the nervous system, stress
Diseases of the circulatory system
Diseases of the motor apparatus

What is included in our treatment package ?

Initial consultation with a doctor

Usually the consultation takes place on the next weekday after arrival.

Outdoor Pool Ticket

with thermal water

15 treatments per week

7 nights / 8 days (2 - 3 per day)

Free access to the SPA

to the new modern SPA area in the hotel

Mineral water drinking course

is prescribed by the doctor

Treatment of children

From 6 y.o. 10 procedures per week, Pediatrician is paid separately (50 euros/child).

The main advantages

of treatment in our hotel

What unique therapeutic factors does the hotel have at its disposal?

The Anglický Dvůr Spa Hotel is located in the heart of Karlovy Vary, within walking distance of numerous famous medicinal springs, which ar

The springs of Karlovy Vary rise to the surface from a depth of 2500 meters, have a wide range of temperatures – from 30 °C to 72 °C, and differ from each other in the concentration of dissolved CO2. The use of mineral water for treatment in Vary began more than five hundred years ago. One of the most interesting thing about springsis that neither the strength or the mineral composition of waters has changed since that time. Now there are 12 main thermal springs and one geyser in Karlovy Vary.

Various types of mud are another therapeutic factor of the Karlovy Vary spa. Muds are used for wraps and the rapeutic baths.

The climatic factor is also worth mentioning. Karlovy Vary is located in the valley of the river Teplá, surrounded by coniferous forests. The mild climate of the area combined with pure foothill air, as well as 180 kilometers of paths and trails for pleasant walks create all the necessary conditions for treatment and recreation in the Czech Republic. 

How to choose procedures?

The selection of therapeutic procedures for treatment in Karlovy Vary is made by a doctor on an individual basis. As a rule, the consultation takes place on the next weekday after your arrival. Highly qualified doctors at the Anglický Dvůr Spa will choose the optimal regimen of curative mineral waters for you, as well as develop a plan of additional procedures using innovative techniques and equipment.

Numerous studies show that the spa treatment of chronic diseases and health improvement at the Anglický Dvůr Spa Hotel in Karlovy Vary, which based on natural factors in combination with modern balneotherapy, shows a higher effectiveness than classical medication therapy.

What is the effect of treatment in a sanatorium?

After a course of spa treatment in Karlovy Vary you will be able to notice several favorable changes in your health condition:

Reduction of the manifestations of existing diseases
Prevention of diseases
Effective recovery and rehabilitation of the body
General immune system improvement at any age

The positive effects of treatment with the unique mineral waters of Karlovy Vary are not limited to the period of your stay in the sanatorium. Positive changes have a clear durable action. It is better to buy a treatment in Karlovy Vary in the Anglický Dvůr Spa hotel on the website. Direct booking allows you to get the most favorable conditions of stay.

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