Treatment at the Karlovy Vary resort

Karlovy Vary is a world-famous European balneological resort, which is located in the Czech Republic, in an amazingly beautiful place, at the confluence of three rivers – Tepla, Rolava and Ogrze. The resort is famous for its comfortable climate with mild, usually snowless winters and cool summers.

The unique natural healing factor of Karlovy Vary

The spa’s greatest asset is its unique thermal sodium-carbonic-sulphate water, which is the main healing factor in Karlovy Vary. It also contains calcium, potassium, magnesium, bromine, lithium, iron and other substances necessary for the body. Water mineralizationreaches 7 g/l.

How is the mineral water used?

Sanatoriums in Karlovy Vary use mineral water mainly for drinking treatments. Balneotherapy is another form of treatment with Karlovy Vary water:

Taking baths

Плавание в бассейне

Swimming in the pool



Орошение головы минеральной водой

Irrigation and other procedures

Finally, by evaporating the mineral water, natural salt rich in beneficial substances is obtained from it.

What is treated in sanatoriums in Karlovy Vary?

The Karlovy Vary resort specializes in the treatment of gastrointestinal diseases, metabolic disorders (diabetes mellitus, obesity, etc.) and musculoskeletal disorders.Each sanatorium is staffed by experienced doctors who speak fluent Russian. They conduct an examination, select springs, the water of which will best help to cope with existing ailments, and prescribe procedures depending on the characteristics of the diseases. Many sanatoriums in Karlovy Vary have a swimming pool and their own balneological departments.

опытный врач

Other therapeutic methods such as physical training, massages, heat, light and electric therapy are also widely used. An important advantage of the resort is the extensive terrainkur, represented by more than 100 km. paths for walking and dosed physical activity.

The duration of the treatment tour in Karlovy Vary in 2020 is at least 14 days. The full course is 21 days. The treatment course includes the following services:

  • accommodation;
  • medical check-up and analyses;
  • meals (full board), diet therapy;
  • sanatorium treatment, prescribed by a doctor after the сheck-up and usually including2-4 procedures every day;
  • drinking course of mineral water;
  • final medical check-up.

Each guest receives an individual treatment program tailored to his or her health condition. For the selection of the most effective treatments, it is necessary to bring with you a medical history extract.

Mineral springs

In Karlovy Vary, there are 79 springs with mineral water in total. 13 of them are used for drinking cure. It is interesting that the composition of the mineral water of all springs is practically the same, however, despite this, the water from different springs has different effects. This is due to the temperature difference and the carbon dioxide content.

  • Springs with a lower temperature have a mild laxative effect.
  • Springs with a higher temperature, on the contrary, can slow down the secretion of bile and gastric juice.
Колоннад с источником

There are several colonnades with springs in Karlovy Vary:

  • Park Colonnade;
  • Mill Colonnade;
  • Market Colonnade;
  • Castle Colonnade;
  • Vridelny Colonnade.

What is the right way to drink Karlovy Vary water?

Mineral water from the springs of Karlovy Vary is special, you can not prescribe it yourself and drink it in any quantities, like water from a store. Karlovy Vary water is a natural structure, which contains salts, trace elements and biologically active substances. In order for the treatment to be effective, it is important to follow a number of rules.

Как правильно пить карловарскую воду
  • You can drink water only after consulting a balneologist, who will prescribe you the number of a particular spring.
  • You can achieve the desired therapeutic effect only if you drink water directly from the source. To do this, you need to buy a special cup, come to the right spring, collect the right amount of water in the cup. You can drink water directly at the spring, or you can take a leisurely stroll through the colonnade and the nearby streets of the resort town, recovering and enjoying the beautiful architecture and views.
  • Do not drink water from plastic cups or bottles. Ideal drinking utensils, as noted above, are special cups. They are sold everywhere in the resort; it is not difficult to buy them. When you return home, they will become a pleasant souvenir, reminding you of the time spent at the resort.
  • It is important not to drink alcohol or smoke during your mineral water treatment.

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