Prices for treatment in Karlovy Vary sanatoriums

Отдых Карловые Вары

There is a wonderful place in the Czech Republic called Karlovy Vary, a world-famous resort located between mountains and forests. It became famous as far back as the 14th century, when King Charles IV experienced the healing effects of the local thermal waters. He ordered the construction of a town in the beautiful valley, which eventually turned into a picturesque resort.

Throughout history, the town has hosted many celebrities, such as Goethe and Gogol, Beethoven and Kafka, Bach and Paganini… The list is endless. It should be noted that the resort’s fame has not faded over the years. On the contrary, Karlovy Vary is becoming more and more popular and it go with the progress by improving the equipment of hotels and increasing their comfort level. At the same time, the prices of spa treatment in Karlovy Vary remain at a comfortable level.

Karlovy Vary thermal water: a unique natural healing factor

Садовая колонада

The Karlovy Vary hydro carbonate-sodium-calcium water helps to cure various diseases. In total, there are 79 springs at the resort, but only 13 of them have been used for therapeutic purposes. Mineral water from the natural springs is pumped through special pipes to the colonnades in the town. There are five colonnad esintotal:

  • Park Colonnade;
  • Mill Colonnade;
  • Market Colonnade;
  • Castle Colonnade;
  • Vridelny Colonnade

It also contains calcium, potassium, magnesium, bromine, lithium, iron and other substances necessary for the body. Water mineralization reaches 7 g/l.

It is interesting that the composition of the mineral water of all springs is practically the same, however, despite this, the water from different springs has different effects. This is due to the temperature difference and the carbon dioxide content.

When is the best time to go to Karlovy Vary?

The climate in Karlovy Vary is quite comfortable for year-round relaxation and effective treatment.

  • From June to September the temperature varies between +18 +20 degrees Celsius.
  • From December to March, the temperature drops to 0 + 3 degrees Celsius.
  • Summers in Karlovy Vary tend to be cool, the weather is changeable, it is worth taking an umbrella with you.
  • In winter, there is practically no snow at the resort, the temperature is comfortable for walking.

If you are wondering how much a vacation in sanatoriums in Karlovy Vary costs, it is worth mentioning that pricing is highly seasonal, namely holidays in high season will be more expensive and correspondingly cheaper in low season.

Hotels and sanatoriums in Karlovy Vary

Спа Отель Английский Двор

All accommodation facilities at the Czech spa resort can be roughly divided into the following categories:

  • hotels that offer only accommodation and meals, do not provide medical treatment and do not have their own medical staff,
  • SPA hotels in the Czech Republic that offer accommodation, dietary food and treatment in their own balneological department,
  • sanatoriums that offer accommodation, dietary food and treatment in their own balneological department. Their difference from SPA hotels is that mineral water is supplied to them through pipes.

Approximate prices in Karlovy Vary

Today, the minimum prices for rest and treatment in Karlovy Vary start from 25-35 Euros per night, in 5-star sanatoriums this amount starts from 100-150 Euros per night.

If you are looking for the best prices for treatment in Karlovy Vary, it is important to understand that in order to take a drinking course, it is not necessary to choose a sanatorium: after all, doctors still recommend drinking water in pump rooms, so you will get the greatest effect.

Medical treatments in Karlovy Vary

The thermal water in Karlovy Vary is effective in curing gastrointestinal diseases, which is why it is mostly used for drinking. Apart from this, the sanatoriums in Karlovy Vary offer many beneficial spa procedures. We will list the main ones here, along with their approximate prices:

Procedure Price, Euro
Classic general massage 28
Mineral bath 27
Underwater massage 18
Dry carbonic bath 14
Mud wrap 15
Pearl bath 14
Oxygen Therapy 13
Electro therapy 10

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