The mineral waters of Karlovy Vary

The tradition of spa treatment in Karlovy Vary can look back on more than six centuries, and for centuries people have been able to cure their ailments with the miraculous properties of the mineral water that rises from the bowels of the earth to the surface.

Warmed by the inner warmth of the earth, the Karlovy Vary mineral waters are a gift that nature presents to people. The Czechs who founded the resort town trusted their intuition and accepted this gift. Today, thanks to innovative technologies, scientists have managed to solve the riddle of mineral water, exactly determining its composition:

  • carbon dioxide-sulfate-sodium and sodium chloride water with calcium, potassium, iron, lithium and bromine compounds – a total of more than 50 valuable trace elements and useful substances,
  • each liter of water contains 7 grams of important salts.


The course of treatment significantly improves the well-being of patients, reduces fatigue, normalizes sleep, improves appetite.

Springs of Karlovy Vary mineral waters​

In total, there are 13 springs that have been mastered so far, but in fact there are much more of them. Scientists have found out that the water rises to the surface from one and the same underground lake, which is why its chemical composition practically does not vary from spring to spring. However, on its way to the surface, the water overcomes different obstacles and, as a result, its temperature (from 30 °C to 75 °C) and the concentration of carbon dioxide change.

Depending on the illness and health condition of the patient, the doctor selects a particular spring.

Hot springs are suitable for people with high stomach acidity and those with irritable bowel syndrome.

Lower temperature springs are recommended for people with a lower level of acidity and those who suffer from constipation.

What makes the thermal water from Karlovy Vary unique?

An important advantage of the Karlovy Vary mineral water is its complex effect on the body. Thus, the mineral waters of the Czech Republic successfully treat not only the stomach and intestines, but also the pancreas, gall bladder, and liver. In addition, water improves metabolism, normalizes blood sugar level.

This is interesting!

Mineral water is also suitable for auxiliary therapy of musculoskeletal system disorders. This is due to the fact that while drinking the water, the body is saturated with all the necessary nutrients and trace elements from within, which in turn have a beneficial effect on the bones and cartilages.

How much water will you drink at the resort?

Drinking therapy with water from the mineral springs of Karlovy Vary is simple and pleasant. The drinking cure does not cause any complications. A full course of treatment requires the drinking of approximately 20 – 30 liters of water. There is never too much water for the human body as the body consists of 70% of water, when we drink water we cleanse ourselves and heal ourselves from the inside. The human body is a clever self-regulating system, it takes in exactly as much nutrients as it needs and the rest is eliminated naturally.

During treatment with water from the thermal springs of Karlovy Vary, it is recommended to drink 1-2 liters of water every day. In the first week, it is enough to drink 1 liter. Thus, you will be able to effectively wash the intestines, and then, in the second and third weeks, start cleaning the internal organs – the liver, pancreas, gallbladder, etc.

The main minerals that come into the body with water include:

  • Magnesium is necessary to prevent cramps;
  • calcium helps eliminate allergies and inflammation;
  • lithium is a natural antidepressant that normalizes sleep and calms the nerves;
  • zinc is important for pancreatic function and normalization of insulin levels.

One of the most important effects of taking the Karlovy Vary water is the active synthesis of bile and washing it out of the body, which is why the resort’s guests are recommended to move as much as possible. Pour water into the pump room from the spring that the doctor has chosen for you, and slowly go for a walk through the streets of the city, admire the Baroque architecture and the surrounding landscapes. Treatment in the Czech Republic in the spa resort of Karlovy Vary is a true benefit, both for the body and for the soul!

Vridelny spring

Even if you were not prescribed to drink the Vridelny mineral spring, you should still visit it to breathe as the air around the spring is saturated with oxygen and useful microelements. Vridelny is a natural inhalation that will benefit everyone, especially people with respiratory problems.

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