Mud therapy at the Anglický Dvůr Spa Hotel in Karlovy Vary

What is the procedure like?

Mud therapy is a procedure of wrapping with a warm mixture of therapeutic mud and peat, which is placed between layers of foil, which acts as a conductor of heat and keeps the mixture at a constant temperature of 42°C.

Mud applications – application of therapeutic mud – is performed by prescription of a doctor on those parts of the body in which the pathology is localized. There are the following types of applications: collar, socks, gloves.

The mud treatment procedure in the spa hotel has three phases.

  1. Reflexive. The mud acts on the skin receptors.
  2. Neurochemical. The body is synthesized biologically active substances.
  3. The body’s reaction to the impact of the mud, which is manifested in the form of activation of blood supply, reduction of inflammation, removal of metabolic products from the body, strengthening of the body’s protective functions.

What is the effect of the procedure?

Mud treatment in Karlovy Vary allows you to warm up tissues, improve blood circulation and stimulate the regenerative processes of the body.

What are the indications for the procedure?

Rest at the resort with mud baths is recommended for the following indications:

Diseases of the musculoskeletal system

Which sanatorium in karlovy vary is better to choose?

Are you planning a vacation with mud treatment and mineral waters? Perhaps the best choice is the Anglický Dvůr sanatorium in Karlovy Vary. It is located in the center of the resort area. The therapeutic techniques are based on a wealth of experience and a lot of research in the field of balneology and spa relaxation. All rooms are equipped with modern medical equipment which is necessary for successful treatment. Guests have at their disposal both classic balneotherapy procedures and additional ones – dry carbonic bath, parafango, magnetic field treatment, diathermy, carbonic baths, oxygen therapy, etc.

Please visit our website to find a room for the dates you are interested. Russian-speaking hotel staff will be happy to advise you, tell you about the services, prices for mud wraps in the Anglický Dvůr Spa hotel. You can send us an email, write to us on Skype or address us by phone in the section “Contacts”.

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