Gas injections

What is the essence of the procedure?

Gas injections or carboxytherapy is an effective procedure used to treat many diseases and improve the general health of the body.

The procedure is a spot injection of dried medical carbon dioxide or carbon dioxide (CO2) into problem areas. Research shows that carbon dioxide as well as oxygen is important for the body. Life is impossible without carbon dioxide as well as oxygen and they are closely interconnected in the body.

For example, excess oxygen leads to vasoconstriction and poor nourishment of tissues and organs. When carbon dioxide enters the body it stimulates vasodilation and leads to an analgesic effect, the tone of the arteries decreases. This improves the nutrition of tissues, improves blood circulation of organs and systems and increases the tone of the body.

What do gas injections treat?

Gas injections in Karlovy Vary are widely used for the treatment of various diseases:

  • osteochondrosis, herniated discs. Carboxytherapy is effective both for the treatment and prevention of diseases of the musculoskeletal system,
  • joint disease – arthritis of the knee, arthritis of the hip, periarthritis of the shoulder. Carboxytherapy allows to saturate tissues with oxygen, reduce inflammation and get rid of pain caused by cartilage thinning,
  • coronaryheartdisease,
  • circulatory problems in the extremities.

What are the advantages of the procedure?

Gas injections in a Spa hotel have a number of advantages over other methods of treating the aforementioned diseases:

Minimal invasiveness
High efficiency

The procedure has a prolonged effect, the effect of a course of gas injections in a sanatorium is pronounced and lasts up to six months. The number of procedures as well as assessment of indications and contraindications for gas injections is determined by the doctor of the sanatorium.

Which sanatorium in karlovy vary is better to choose?

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