What is a classical massage?

Classic massage is an effective method of treatment and recovery, which allows restoring health as well as preventing the development of various diseases. Classic massage in Karlovy Vary has a general healing effect on the body, it relieves muscle pain, eliminates swelling, restores muscle tone, eliminates stagnation in vessels, improves lymph and blood circulation, restores neuromuscular function, strengthens musculoskeletal system, accelerates regeneration of tissue that has been injured.

What kind of massage can you get?

Massage in a Spa hotel can be general, i.e. it is carried out over the entire surface of the body, or it can be partial, i.e. it affects only certain areas. Depending on the technique and strength used by the specialist, the massage may be relaxing or energizing.

What techniques do massage therapists use?

At the heart of the techniques of classical therapeutic massage in a sanatorium is the use of the following basic techniques:


This technique starts and ends the massage session, and is also used to warm up the muscles

Растирание в массаже


Reception allows you to properly stretch the surface tissues

Разминание массаж


Classical massage technique, when the masseur alternately grasps, compresses, stretches, moves the skin and muscles

Вибрация в массаже


The use of oscillating movements of varying amplitude and speed increases elasticity and firmness of tissues

The specialist combines these and some other assistive techniques to achieve the best effect.

What are the indications for the procedure?

Classical massage is indicated in the presence of:

Treatment and recuperation in a sanatorium with massage, swimming pool as well as a wide range of balneo therapeutic procedures, based on the use of unique thermal water from Karlovy Vary will help reduce the manifestation of existing diseases and improve health.

Which sanatorium in Karlovy Vary is better to choose?

Take a look at the Anglický Dvůr Spa hotel in Karlovy Vary. It is located in the center of Karlovy Vary. The therapeutic techniques are based on the experience of world spa medicine. All rooms are equipped with modern medical equipment, which is necessary for successful treatment. It offers both classic balneo logical procedures -baths, underwater shower-massage, and additional ones – dry carbonic bath, parafango, magnetic field treatment, hotel massage, etc.

You can find a room for the dates you are interested in on the website. Russian-speaking hotel staff will be happy to advise you and tell you about the services, the cost of therapeutic massage in the Anglický Dvůr Spa hotel. You can send us an e-mail, write to us on Skype or call us by number listed in the section “Contacts”. Book an unforgettable vacation in Anglický Dvůr Spa hotel today!

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