Balneotherapy is a treatment with mineral waters, a special type of therapy of sanatorium treatment and recuperation. The method of balneotherapy has been known since ancient times. Today, thanks to research and implementation of innovations, it has been improved many times and opens up limitless possibilities for treatment, health promotion and recreation.

What are the procedures of balneotherapy?

Among the most common there are:

How long is the course of balneotherapy?

The course is prescribed by the doctor of the sanatorium on an individual basis, based on the history of the guest, the results of tests, the characteristics of the body. The course includes a variety of procedures. In order to achieve the maximum effect, the course of drinking treatment, baths for balneotherapy in the Anglický Dvůr Spa hotel should be at least 14 days. The full course of treatment is 21 days.

What diseases are treated by balneotherapy?

Healing mineral waters successfully help cure diseases:

What is the uniqueness of balneotherapy in Karlovy Vary?

The European belt of thermal waters runs through the territory of the Czech Republic, and the generally recognized center of Czech balneotherapy is the Karlovy Vary Spa, which ranks first in the world in terms of the effectiveness of the treatment of gastrointestinal diseases.

The basis of Karlovy Vary balneotherapy is the water with unique sulphate-hydrocarbonate sodium composition. The waters also contain silicon, iron, lithium, bromine, etc. The high content of useful trace elements turns the water into a healing cocktail.

Water rises to the surface from 13 springs. Their composition is about the same, the only difference is the temperature, which determines the medical treatment, as water of different temperature has a different effect on the body.

How to take curative mineral water correctly?

Karlovy Vary mineral water is a powerful natural remedy that can cure many diseases, so to achieve the desired effect we recommend you to drink water from the spring in the city colonnade. Only in this way the water will have an ideal temperature and will not lose its properties. It is most convenient to pour water into special traditionally shaped porcelain cups and drink it during a leisurely walk along the beautiful streets.

Which Spa hotel in Karlovy Vary to choose?

Consider Anglický Dvůr as one of the best Spa hotels in the Czech Republic. It is located in the center of Karlovy Vary within walking distance of the healing springs. The therapeutic techniques are based on the experience of hotels of the highest category. All rooms are equipped with modern medical equipment which is necessary for successful treatment. We offer both classic balneological procedures and additional ones – dry carbonic bath, parafango, gas injections, magnetic field treatment, etc.

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