Treatment in the hotel

Karlovy Vary quite rightly occupies a leading position among major European spa centers. The unique natural mineral springs and favourable climate attract thousands of tourists year after year.

One of the key factors of good recovery in Karlovy Vary is selection of a sanatorium offering a correctly compiled therapeutic plan. The natural conditions in connection with the diagnostic and therapeutic complex assure appropriate treatment of various medical indications.

The balneological centre of the Anglický Dvůr hotel makes use of a top category hotel experience. All surgeries and therapy rooms are equipped with state-of-the-art medical technology for valuable progress of Karlovy Vary spa treatment.

The balneological centre is situated in the quietest floors of the hotel providing for absolute rest and relaxation.

All water processes are situated on the hotel ground floor.

Massages, electric therapy and cosmetic procedures are situated on the 5th floor.

All floors are accessible by elevator.

All procedures including the drinking therapy are scheduled on the basis of medical examination results.

We would like to inform you that you can book professional cosmetic treatments and other supplementary services of the hotel according to your therapeutic schedule.*

*These services are charged separately and provided to order.